Inspired By the young readers that came to my table during the Steampunk Festival, I've decided to write them a book.

Lisa J. Hogan

4/19/20242 min read

Recently I attended as an author a terrific annual event here in Texas. The Steampunk Festival. It was amazing. I even lead two author panels. I sold many books, met amazing and creative people. One thing kept happening. Younger attendees, especially the girls, were looking for books that were age appropriate for them to read. They loved the premise of my books and had they been just a few years older, it would have been great. I’m not talking teens, I’m talking about that age where you’re too young for the adult books, but too old for the middle school books. That age where your interests lay with fart jokes and spooky stories that aren’t too scary.

So, I decided I will spend some time and attempt to write a fun adventure book full of gadgets, mystery, comedy, magic and friendship. All the things that are in my 15+ age and up books but geared for that 11 to 14 age group. Sorry William Goldman, but mine won’t be a Kissing Book.

I’ve started my research by watching and reading Young Adult fantasy. I will reread or rewatch books and movies that I enjoyed in the past or watched with my kids.

I can’t wait to reread Anne MacCaffery’s Dragonsinger trilogy or rewatch Treasure Planet. This will definitely be some fun research.

I look forward to exploring and creating a new world for young fans. It may not be ready by the next Steampunk Festival, as the story has yet to create itself in my imagination.

Some ideas I’ve been playing with are to add dragons because who doesn’t like a dragon. To have two main characters, a sister and brother. To have a fun sidekick or guardian that is an automaton. Maybe an adventure looking for relics or a kidnapped friend. Maybe both. Whatever it ends up being, I hope it will be something that will spark or free the imagination and offer an escape from the mundane. You know, cleaning your room.

As many of you who follow me or signed up at events for my newsletter and announcements, I am working on two paranormal short stories and Book Three of Zelda Harcrow’s Adventures The Page in the Cards. Adding another project while attempting to promote my writing is going to be tough. I am hoping with your support and encouragement I can accomplish it all without neglecting my garden, my family, and my readers.

Until next time…

Lisa J Hogan